Meeting program with Chinese Delegation in the Prefecture of Kavala


Monday, 16th of July 2018

The delegation composed of Mr. Jiang Qing Lin, Mr. Li Xiao Dong, Mr. Dossitey Tzvetanov, Mrs. Valentina Tzvetanova and Mr. Valeri Nikolov, arrived at the RE / MAX Choice office at Ofrynio Beach in the afternoon, and then they went to the hotel ¨Dream Suites¨.

On the evening of the same day, Mr. Kourtidis and Mrs. Dimitrova, gave a dinner at a well-known beachfront restaurant in the area.


Tuesday, 17th of July 2018

The meeting began on Wednesday morning where a presentation was held at the RE / MAX Choice office at Ofrynio beach. The presentation contained:

Detailed presentation of Kourtidis Group and its companies, that is:

OIKO Kourtidis

RE / MAX Choice

Dream Suites

Alexandra Hora


Summary presentation of the 4 RE / MAX Choice Offices in the Prefectures of Kavala and Serres

Detailed presentation of Kourtidis Group projects that have already completed and operate:

Panorama settlement

Thalassa Settlement

Hotel "Dream Suites"


Detailed presentation of projects that are in progress and belong to the Kourtidis Group:

Expansion of the Panorama settlement - Panorama PRIVE

Expansion of the Thalassa settlement

Archipelagos settlement

Settlement of Nereides

Settlement of Foinikas

Settlement of Nefeli

2 settlements on the beach of Ofrynio



Detailed presentation of projects which are in the surrounding area of the RE / MAX Choice 1 office (Ofrynio beach)

Loutra Eleftheron. Present condition and development prospects through investment proposals

Land of 10,000 acres in Pyrgos. Development prospects.


After the end of the presentation at the RE / MAX Choice 1 office, lunch was held at a beachfront restaurant. Subsequently, the members of the delegation went to visit the projects that had been presented.

In the afternoon of the same day, the delegation was admitted to the City Hall in Eleftheroupoli, by Mr. Mayor Filippos Anastasiadis where was presented and was discussed the phenomenon of geothermy in the area and the development and investment prospects.

Dinner was held in a well-known beachfront restaurant on the beach of Ofrynio.


Wednesday, 18th of July 2018

The delegation, in the morning of the third day of visit, after breakfast, left for the city of Kavala. There, they was admitted to the offices of the Kavala's Prefecture, by the Head of Prefecture Mr.Theodoros Markopoulos.

Mr. Markopoulos presented some of the investment proposals for the development in the region:


Marbles of Thassos

Fish (tonnes)



Subsequently, the members of the delegation went to RE / MAX Choice 2 office in the city of Kavala. There, they had presentation about large scale investment proposals in the wider area of the city:

Commercial Port of Kavala (Karvali)

Tourist Port of Kavala

Tobacco warehouses

Industrial area of ​​8.000sq.m in Perigiali area

New expansive city plan in Perigiali area


At the same time, visitors had the opportunity to see additional investment proposals such as:

Small hotel units in the city of Kavala

Small hotel units on the island of Thassos

Residential real estate properties (villas, detached houses, maisonettes) in the city of Kavala and Thassos

After the presentation at the RE/MAX Choice 2 office in Kavala, lunch was held at a well-known beachfront restaurant in the city, and then the delegation visited beachfront stores. After that, they went to visit properties, which they had been presented at the office as well as a local marble quarry.

After that, the members of the delegation had a guided tour at Kavala old town, and the had the opportunity to enjoy the magnificent city views through a famous coffee of the old town. At the end of the day dinner was held at a well-known beachfront restaurant in Kavala


Thursday, 19th of July 2018

The fourth day of the visit to Kavala began with a breakfast, which was offered to the members of the delegation by the former Bulgarian Deputy Minister, Mr. Valeri Nikolov at his home in Palio Tsifliki, Kavala.

After, they went to visit RE / MAX Choice 3 office that is in the seaside / tourist area of Iraklitsa. There, the members of the delegation had the opportunity, through a presentation by Mrs. Dimitrova, to be informed about projects for development and investment in the area.

At the end of the presentation, the group departed for the city of Thessaloniki where they had a tour to the port and the city center as well as at VIP areas. Lunch was held at a well-known beachfront restaurant in the port of Thessaloniki.

The fourth day of the visit was completed by returning to the office of RE/MAX Choice at the beach of Ofrynio, where it took place a summary of the work between the members of the delegation and Mr. Kourtidis Nicolaos and Mrs. Konstantina Dimitrova.

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