A strong Group

The Kourtidis Group constitutes the realization of many powerful ideas of its founder, Nikolaos Kourtidis, and his will for offer. With a strong business spirit and anthropocentric philosophy, he started his business back in 1992 by establishing the first company, naming Domo Kourtidis, a building materials company, ensuring the most modern and quality building materials at the best prices! In 1996, he expands his business with Oiko Kourtidis company, a super modern construction company, that distinguished for the excellent quality of its constructions. In 1999, establishes Ergo Kourtidis company, that is a company that undertakes the furnishing and the equipment of residential and business properties.



At the same time, thanks to his efficiency and professionalism, he founded his next company named RE/MAX Choice real estate company, which is member of global RE/MAX family.

Today Kourtidis Group has expanded its activities by constructing luxury settlements in unique quality, in selected areas at Ofrynio beach, which offers the opportunity to private citizens and investors from all over the world the purchase of unique country houses or to make an excellent investment in real estate business.


A significant sample of the Kourtidis Group investment activity is the project “Alexandrou Chora”. That project plans the construction of a unique hotel unit of 135,000sqm!

In 2018, the GROUP extends successfully its activity in the tourism business by constructing and managing “Dream Suites”, a luxuriously constructed complex of residences.



Thanks to dedication, professionalism, consistency and efficiency, each company of the Group has managed to stand out, gain peoples’ trust and become credible. So, today it counts over 5000 successful transactions and has more than 1700 properties! Therefore, the Kourtidis Group is part of the Real estate and constructions leaders in Northern Greece, making it a safe and powerful choice! A choice, worthy of trust.