In beach of Ofrynio, only a few meters from the sea, is constructed the complex “ELIA”. It is a closed settlement of 7 luxury residences with an intense modern character, the earth colours dominate and include it to the natural landscape of the region. Seven detached houses of functional design and modern aesthetics. The apartments are delivered fully finished with A/C installation and solar installation. They also have parking. They also have parking spaces, a covered terrace and a courtyard. There is also the possibility of a swimming pool.
This proposal is an amazing opportunity which combines both vacations and investment!

• Each house is 60 sqm on 400 sqm plot. It has 2 bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. The plot is sold individually.

After sales property management
A house needs maintenance and cleaning in order to keep its value. During your absence from the property, to give you peace of mind, our Property Management services can provide all your maintenance requirements, ensuring they are carried out according to your specific instructions.
This includes:
- Regular inspection of your property,
- Cleaning services,
- Payment of bills (such as water, electric, telephone etc.),
- Help with official paperwork (e.g. annual tax declaration)etc.

New Service:
Except for a vacation residence you can also make a touristic use of your property. Through our on-line booking platform, we undertake the entire process of renting your property during your absence, ensuring you an annual return of 6%.
Beach of Ofrynio is a resort with 15 km coastline and awarded beach. It gathers thousands of visitors not only the summer season but also throughout the year.It is very close to important points of interest, 5 km from Amphipoli, approximately 60 km from Kavala, Drama and Serres and 100 km from Thessaloniki.